Rapid Reel ™

Rapid ReelTM was initially developed in collaboration with the Royal Australian Navy to resolve the long-standing challenge of deploying heavy and valuable shore power cables, which vessels must connect to after docking alongside a wharf to maintain ship systems.

Previously, these operations took upwards of 40 ship’s crew up to three hours to manually lift and carry the cables for the necessary shore-power connection. Rapid ReelTM has reduced deployment time to around 15 minutes with just two personnel. The rapidity of this shore power connection also significantly reduces diesel consumption.

The second generation Rapid ReelTM has been designed for universality and interoperability to enable deployment, retrieval, and storage of Shore Power Cables and also flat fuel hose in around 800m lengths.

Additional functionality is afforded by the standalone renewable energy powered Mobile Power StandTM (patent pending). This enables the same functionality as the Rapid ReelTM system for locations without a hydraulic handler machine available and or with site space constraints.

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Rapid ReelTM is a universal shore power cable and flat-fuel hose deployment system that effectively deploys, retrieves, and stores shore power cables, significantly improving health and safety, reducing personnel, manual handling, and provides multifunctionality for cables and flat hose handling on wharfs and land applications. The system can also be set up to enable hospitality (liquid waste removal) services to vessels during rafting.

The younger sibling of Rapid ReelTM is the renewable energy powered Mobile Power Stand TM this can be located standalone on wharf, onboard vessels for ship-to-ship handling, and on land transport such as Man or Unimog for remote site to provide the same functionality of flat fuel hose and shore power cable deployment, retrieval, and storage. It also permits Rapid ReelTM to be rafted across up to four vessels.

Stacking adaptor and trolley adaptor options are available to aid storage and portability.

Power cable management

  • Shore power cable management
  • Mine site power cable management
  • Maintenance and repair cable bundling
  • Fibre optics
  • Subsea cable laying (scale-up)

Flat fuel hose deployment

  • Fuel transfer shore-ship, ship -ship, land
  • Hospitality logistics – liquid waster removal or flid transfer


  • Reduced wharf congestion and manual handling personnel
  • Reduced OPEX
  • Improved crew morale
  • Deploy and recover multiple cables/hoses simultaneously
  • HSE risk reduction through no crane or crew required
  • Protection of high-value assets
  • Rapid late changes to berthing plans possible
  • Empty reels are 2 person portable

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