Mission Deck

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Onetides Mission DeckTMis a world first patented no-weld sea fastening system. Providing the ability to utilise vessels of opportunity, significantly reducing wharf-to-sail times to “one tide”. Now in its second generation the Mission DeckTM has enhanced capability, offering greater logistics optimisation and savings to the client across a broad spectrum of sectors.

Mission Deck

Interoperability/ Solution capability

Marine logistics requires transport of equipment from wharf to project sites. Mission DeckTM is a high mobility mobilisation system that removes the requirement for equipment to be secured for its voyage with bespoke custom-made single use welded sea fastening’s. It is a multiple deck system integrator with control system integration capability. Reducing time alongside wharfs, minimising HSER exposure associated with labour intensive and destructive welded sea fastening installation and removal.

Mission DeckTM allows use of vessels of opportunity to conduct tasks usually only the realm of specialist high cost day rate vessels that are rare and require long distance mobilisation to the location of need. This realises savings in cost, time, safety, risk, and Green House Gas (GHG) emissions.



Naval/Border Force operations
Submarine Rescue


Oil Spill Response


Details on Request

Maritime Operations

Scientific research/ ROV/ AUV




Offshore Energy/ Decommissioning
Cable Lay

Operational Benefits

  • No-weld sea fastening
  • Rapid & safe vessel adaptation/ mobilisation/ demobilisation
  • Technical Limit Mission deployment enabler (Sub-rescue optimisation)
  • Vessel of opportunity utilisation
  • Agile Response
  • Wharf personnel and Contractor reliance reduction
  • HSE risk reduction
  • OPEX minimisation
  • Stackable and road transportable