Core Values

We are driven by our Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Vision is to push boundaries to make Australia and the planet a better place for future generations, through our agile, innovative, proprietary engineering solutions. Providing game-changing efficiencies. A result of these efficiencies is a lower carbon footprint.


Trust and teamwork

We demonstrate integrity and ethical conduct in all our actions. We listen attentively, speak candidly and treat others respectfully. We work together as a team to deliver.

Innovate and Simplify

We are relentless in the pursuit of new, innovative engineering solutions through application of technical limit thinking and a wealth of practical engineering experience.

Customer Commitment

We are dedicated to earning and retaining our customers’ trust. We engage our clients to make a positive difference by understanding, anticipating and responding with agility to their needs so that they know, trust, and value our services.

Ownership and Results

We take ownership and are accountable for our outcomes. We act in the interest of all our stakeholders to meet client needs and exceed expectation.


Mission Statement

Onetide is a full-service engineering company providing novel, leading-edge, environmentally conscious technologies and research and development solutions which focus on engineering excellence, efficiency, and risk reduction for rapid concept prototyping and development.

“We provide agility, innovation and thinking that allows game-changing efficiencies. A benefit of these efficiencies is a lower carbon footprint.”

Our Mission:

Design and deliver novel engineering solutions for efficiency, safety, and environmental optimisation across a broad range of industry sectors.

Our Values:

We seek to uphold the highest standards of conduct in our work by adhering to our four core values. We know by staying true to our core values, we can achieve our purpose – to deliver out-of-the -box innovative engineering and advance sustainability through transformative innovation.